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Insurance changes make life harder for plaintiff counsel

A few years ago, we asked Ontario lawyers about the increasing difficulty of practising personal injury law, given the province’s changes to automobile insurance. Recent changes by the British Columbia and Alberta governments are creating similar problems for plaintiff personal injury lawyers in Western Canada. We interviewed Marc Spivak, a partner at Devry Smith Frank LLP in Toronto, for our last article. The trends he identified then have continued, in

COVID-19 “long-haulers” face disability insurance difficulties

A growing number of people report serious long-lasting, debilitating effects from the COVID-19 virus weeks and months after infection.  These people are known as “long-haulers”. Long-haulers are characterized as those who have been sick with COVID-19 symptoms for one month or more and continue to experience the impact of the virus in every aspect of their daily functioning.  The number of long-haulers is unknown, but in the USA, estimates are

Could ICBC changes spread across Canada?

Provincial governments across Canada are constantly looking for ways to reduce auto insurance rates. To do this, they have tried public and private insurance regimes, changed coverage and benefits, or instituted tribunals to streamline legal systems. British Columbia’s latest changes could tempt other provinces to significantly reduce injured plaintiffs’ access to justice. In 2020, BC’s NDP government introduced Bill 11, the Attorney General Statutes (Vehicle Insurance) Amendment Act, 2020. This

Canada’s Courts were Backlogged before the COVID Crisis

For several years, personal injury lawyers representing plaintiffs have told us many reasons that cases take too long. Litigious insurance companies, requests for overly detailed medical reports, centralization of adjusters, armies of experts, and defence counsel delaying tactics have all been mentioned. In addition, the court systems in many provinces have suffered systemic problems for years. In British Columbia, a record of 140 provincial Supreme Court trials, were postponed in

Are Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Injury Tribunals Fair?

Two provinces now have tribunals to handle some aspects of insurance disputes involving MVA personal injuries. British Columbia’s Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) was set up in 2016 to remove some small claims from the provincial court and some disputes from the B.C. Supreme Court. In 2019, the Attorney-General also moved minor personal injury claims (up to $5,000) out of court and into the CRT. The CRT’s administrative adjudication process is

Tips for Successfully Recovering Litigation Loan Interest Charges

A plaintiff has already suffered serious personal injury and endured the financial hardship that accompanied it, not to mention the stress of a daunting court case. Your client should not also have to absorb litigation loan costs, which are clearly the responsibility of the insurance company. Insurance companies use delaying tactics, not to accumulate more information about the file to build a better case, but to force an injured plaintiff

ODSP and CERB/CSRB during the COVID-19 emergency

There has been some confusion about how the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CSRB) income programs will affect the income of Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) recipients during the COVID-19 crisis. For all ODSP applicants and recipients, CERB and CSRB payments must be reported, and are treated similarly to employment earnings: CERB: The first $200, and 50 per cent of each additional dollar, received in

Will COVID Hasten the End of Civil Jury Trials?

With the resurgence of COVID 19, the Ontario Superior Court has suspended jury selection in the “hot spots” of Toronto, Ottawa, and Brampton for one month. All settlement conferences will be conducted over Zoom. Whether to continue jury trials in progress will be decided by the trial judge. In-person non-jury trials and other in-person proceedings (including civil matters) in these courthouses may proceed if they conform to the modified Stage

Medical Malpractice on the rise, while patients keep losing cases

Despite Canada’s vaunted medical “safety net”, our hospital system is not very safe, and injured patients seeking redress face a years-long battle with little chance of winning. On top of that, plaintiffs – as taxpayers – often pay the defendant’s bill. Canada’s patient safety performance is below the OECD average of 37 developed countries. Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) 2019 data shows Canada’s overall performance aligns with the

Are some auto insurers more litigious?

We have interviewed many Ontario personal injury lawyers over the years, and there is a strong sense that auto insurance companies are increasingly likely to fight plaintiff claims. In earlier articles, we reported several factors driving this perception, including: Ontario legislative changes over the years allowed insurers to “bully” plaintiffs Adjusters used to be independent but now tend to work for the insurers “Americanization” of insurance companies’ tactics Defence

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