ATE Insurance

After the Event (ATE) Insurance

About Nudorra Capital

Nudorra Capital is a litigation loan company that works with law firms and provides loans to plaintiffs in need of financial assistance until their case settles.

We are not an insurance company nor licensed insurance brokers. As a value-added service to our customers and through a strategic relationship we have with a fully licensed and regulated insurance broker, Nudorra Capital is offering to finance $50,000 in ATE insurance coverage at No Extra Cost to your client, when they get a new litigation loan of $3500 or more from Nudorra Capital.

What’s more, if your law firm already has ATE insurance coverage on a particular file, our $50,000 ATE insurance coverage will act as an addition to your existing policy. Or you have the option of purchasing additional ATE insurance as a separate policy, on top of our coverage, for additional protection.

No Other Litigation Loan Company in Canada Offers This Benefit to Law Firms!

ATE Insurance – FAQ’s

The following questions apply to the usual conditions that you would find in our no extra cost “After the Event” policy. However, cases can be subject to individual conditions if insurers deem these to be appropriate.

If a client receives a loan from Nudorra Capital valued at $3500 or more (and the case qualifies under the insurer’s applicable case types). (Please see below which files qualify).

The ATE policy is owned by the plaintiff, however Nudorra Capital finances the premium on behalf of the plaintiff.

ATE insurance typically provides cover to your clients for any adverse costs. ATE insurance also covers interlocutory hearings, and has been accepted at the Superior court in Ontario as satisfying a Security for Costs order.

No, this would conflict with your Contingency Fee Agreement (CFA).

Cover can be provided for a wide range of personal injury cases including, but not limited to:

  • Auto accidents (MVA) – Driver, Passenger, Pedestrian, Pillion, Cyclist, Motorcycle
  • Slip/Fall cases
  • Employers’ liability
  • Product liability
  • Sport related injuries
  • Animal related injuries
  • LTD insurance claims

Our no-extra-cost to-your-client policy covers up to $50k. If you believe that your case requires further coverage (if it will go to a long trial for instance) talk to us about setting up a Bespoke program.

The policy ends when the case settles or after 5 years.

The insurer is a large multinational insurance company who is licensed to offer insurance in Canada, so the policies are protected by Canada’s Property and Casualty Insurance Compensation Corporation.

  • A file that does not have a CFA (Contingency Fee Agreement)
  • A file that is not a Plaintiff matter
  • A flat rate short term loan
  • A file that is less then 1 year before trial
  • A file that already has No Extra Cost ATE insurance coverage on it
  • A loan provided that is less than $3500.

No, the insurer trusts the lawyers and follows their expert advice on the case. The insurer recognizes that the lawyer is also taking their own risk (under a CFA) on the case.

Our licensed brokers will assist in submitting the case to underwriters as they have lawyers in-house to assist. If approved, Nudorra will finance the premium at no additional cost to the plaintiff.

Nothing. There is no application fee and premiums are deferred to the conclusion of the matter.

No, there is no panel and no set number of files required.

No. We are only financing one ATE insurance policy per client. You may decide however, to investigate obtaining a program for your firm to potentially cover this file, along with your others. Simply call our office at 1-877-342-9590 or email jgottheil@nudorra.com for details of a licensed brokerage firm who can assist.

None. Our brokers ensure that the insurer cannot control the file, or influence the management of the file.

A specialist claims handler from our partner brokerage will walk you through the claims process.

Our brokers only use licensed and regulated Canadian insurers who also have a specialist license to underwrite Legal Expenses Insurance.

Insurance product

A client with a new loan from Nudorra Capital may apply for an ATE policy under this agreement.

There is an aggregate claims amount of $50,000 for any single insurable event; i.e., if multiple insured clients were to attend a trial together, the policies would be condensed into one single policy with the indemnity split evenly between those individuals.

The case must have prospects of success of 51% or above, there must be a Contingency Fee Agreement [CFA] in place and the client must have received a qualified new settlement loan from Nudorra Capital valued at $3500 for Nudorra to offer the premium finance (the cost of which is not added to the loan) to apply for coverage.

Standard personal injury cases that qualify for ATE Insurance at no extra cost are those as per below:

  • Motor Vehicle Cases (MVA) – Driver, Passenger, Pedestrian, Pillion, Cyclist, Motorcycle
  • Slip and Fall Cases
  • Employers Liability
  • Occupiers Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Sports Related Injuries
  • Animal Related Injuries
  • Travel (Sickness & Accident)
  • Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

Limit of Indemnity:

$50,000. in adverse cost only. (Defendant legal costs as ordered by the court to be paid by the plaintiff) Top-ups considered on an individual basis.


Financed by Nudorra Capital with qualifying new loans valued at $3500. or more. One policy per plaintiff, per case, regardless of the amount of loans or frequency of loans taken out by the plaintiff with Nudorra Capital over the course of their case. Loans that qualify for our financed ATE Insurance must be taken out at least 12 months prior to a trial. Initial loans or additional loans can be taken out through Nudorra Capital later than 12 months prior to a trial, but they cannot be considered by the insurer.

The choice of most law firms, ATE insurance provides the security of knowing your client’s downside risks are mitigated when going to trial. And now, Nudorra Capital is offering to finance $50,000 in ATE insurance at no extra cost to your client, when they get a new litigation loan of $3,500 or more with Nudorra Capital. Please note that this is not an automatic enrollment insurance policy. You must fill out a simple “Personal Injury Legal Costs Policy” application to qualify. A licensed Insurance broker will contact you with the application and answer any of your questions.

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