Nudorra Capital provides fast, easy litigation loans within 24hrs of approval.

  • We offer the most competitive rates in the country

  • No upfront fees, no hidden fees

  • Respected by Canada’s top personal Injury lawyers

  • No credit checks, No Monthly Payments

  • Pay only when the case settles

  • Litigation loans provided within 24hrs of approval.

Pre-Settlement Loans at the Most Competitive Rates.

It can be very stressful. You have an injury due to a motor vehicle accident, a slip & fall, or medical malpractice. Or perhaps you have been wrongfully denied disability support by your insurance company. You have hired a lawyer to litigate on your behalf, but these cases typically take many years to settle. Meanwhile, you can’t work or your ability to work has been severely diminished. And you don’t have the money to pay your bills.

Help When You Need It Most.

That’s where Nudorra Capital can help. We provide lawsuit loans that can help you through this difficult time until your case is resolved, and you receive your settlement. Our interest rates are the most competitive in the industry. We’ll even match or beat any of our competitors’ prices. There are no monthly payments. We only get paid when your case is settled.

The Money You Need, When You Need It.

At Nudorra Capital, we provide our clients with the funds they need to cover their expenses while waiting for the best possible settlement in their litigation. Consider it an advance on your settlement. But more than that, we are dedicated to doing whatever is required to help you through this difficult time. That’s why at Nudorra Capital, we approach each loan with care, compassion and the need to serve our clients.

If You have a Lawyer, You Qualify For The Loan.

Once you contact us, we’ll discuss your situation with you. We’ll find out what happened, what your needs are, and exactly how much financial support you need until a settlement is reached. Then, we’ll talk to your lawyer, and design a loan that works for everybody.

Loan Administration.

Our friendly financial experts handle all aspects of administering the loan.
They have experience dealing with cases in litigation and can help you throughout the process.
Remember, you don’t pay back anything until your case is settled.

Types of Loans that we Provide

We provide loans for all types of Personal Injury Litigation that will result in a negotiated settlement. This can include:

“I never had to explain the reasons why.….”

Nudorra Capital has been my Guardian Angel on 2 occasions now! Unfortunately my life had taken a complete turn for the worse in health, career and wealth. I never had to explain the reasons why I needed help and they has always made me feel like I can talk about anything, without feeling bad for asking. I can’t thank you enough for being there for me in my most desperate time of need. Thank you again Nudorra, you’re a godsend.

Carolina L. – Toronto, Ontario

“I would recommend your company and service to everyone…”

The cheque was received in time and as promised, the service that you provided to us was very fast and was handled in a very professional manner. I would recommend your company and service to everyone, knowing from experience with our case that you will do your very best to assist them financially in their desperate time of need.

Voweth V. – Vancouver, British Columbia

“I sat down and made all the payments I needed…”

The funds came thru this evening around 6:30 pm, thank you so very much for arranging the loan for me. I sat down and made all the payments I needed to, and let me tell you the relief I feel is amazing. I am single father of a wonderful little 8 year old boy, his mom died 3 years ago this coming February, he instantly noticed my relief so I am very thankful for that alone. I never realized it was that obvious. I must say again, thank you so very much.

Joanna S. – Wellington, Ontario

“I had the money in my account in days…”

I dealt with Nudorra Capital; my lawyer recommended them to me. When you are going through a very hard time in your life it helps to have some money in your pocket. When you are unable to work and bill don’t stop. It feels so good to have the weight off my shoulders. Staff at Nudorra Capital was very understanding, and sympathetic to my situation. The paper work was quick and easy. I had the money in my account in days. Start to finish was only 2 days total. I recommend Nudorra Capital to anyone who is involved in a lawsuit, and are in need of any financial assistance.

Thomas S. – Moncton, New Brunswick

“I saw hope for the first time……”

This service has elevated a HUGE amount of pressure off me since becoming sick. For 3 years I fought ODSP and tried to get their assistance and understanding and found myself slipping further and further into debt while ODSP took 50 percent of everything I earned. The stress this caused was overwhelming to say the least. When I found out about your service I saw hope for the first time and because of your service I dug myself out of debt and can see myself now remaining stable until the matter is settled, hopefully soon. Without your service I probably would have given up and accepted a smaller settlement offer. What a Godsend this service has been.

Antonio C. – Spencerville, Ontario

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