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Nudorra Capital is a financial services firm that specializes in pre-settlement loans to individuals in litigation needing financial assistance until their case is settled.

Most insurance companies are aware of the financial constraints lawsuits have on people, and use it to their advantage. We don’t believe you should be forced to settle a case quicker or for a lesser amount. Our objective is to relieve some of those financial constraints and make it more of a level playing field. If you’re in the right, then it should be fair and to your advantage.

We’re aware of your needs and the stress that such a process can cause. That’s why we’ve developed a simple, straightforward approach in helping our clients get through these tough times.

We work with you and your lawyer to determine the type of legal funding that will help to serve your immediate financial needs. Our experience in providing pre-settlement loans assures you that the process for obtaining a loan is easy for you to manage and helps to relieve the financial burden litigation can have on you and your family.

You are a vital part of the team working toward a negotiated settlement and for this, you should be free from any financial stress. As a financial provider, we help you cover routine living expenses or unanticipated medical costs, even though you may be out of work or have a poor credit history.

We have experience dealing with all types of litigation financing issues. As a respected financial provider, we have established relationships of trust with legal firms, individual lawyers, and of course our satisfied customers. In addition, our understanding of all aspects of settlement loans ensures you get the best deal at a fair rate.

Our clients’ successes testify to our expertise and the competitive position we help them achieve. You can count on us to lend you the support you need.

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