Lawsuit Loan FAQs

At Nudorra Capital, we provide straightforward answers to any questions you may have and keep you informed throughout the process. Here are answers to the questions we are most commonly asked:

Complete a simple loan application or speak with one of our friendly staff to get the process started. We will quickly review your details and consult with your lawyer to determine the situation. Based on that discussion, we can recommend a Lawsuit loan that meets your needs, regardless of your past credit history or employment status.

There is no maximum amount that we can lend. Our minimum amount to lend is $500. The actual amount that we can lend you, depends on the type of claim you have and the risk involved for us as a lending company.

No. Our loans are based on your case, NOT your credit history, employment status, or valuation of your assets.
In most cases, you can receive pre-settlement funds within 24 hours of approval.

Your loan is repaid back when your case settles. There are no up-front fees, monthly or interim payments prior to settlement. Your lawyer will pay us back directly out of the proceeds of your settlement, only after they have received their agreed upon fees and disbursements.

Yes. The loan is completely open. You may pay out the loan at any time.
We consult with your lawyer to determine how much money you can qualify for, depending upon your case. We want to ensure that any litigation loan is covered by a potential settlement. Your lawyer is the best person to provide us a brief overview of your case together with assurance that the claim is – on the balance of probabilities – likely to succeed.

Litigation Loan Terms:

Loan Size:Starting at $500 (No Maximum)
Interest rates:18% to 24% per year
(Rates depend on the nature of the loan and the level of risk)
Compounding:Semi Annually (Not Monthly)
Administration Fee:None
Application Fee:None
Processing Fee:From $75.00
(Only if the loan goes through and only due when the case settles)
Additional Loans:Once your first loan is approved, you can request an additional loan at any time, simply by calling our office.
Payment:Once your case settles, our loans are paid back by your lawyer, out of the proceeds of your settlement. You can also choose to payback your loan at any time to us directly, without penalty.

We provide loans solely based on the merits of your case and try to provide clients with the exact amount that they have requested. Please take a moment and read some of the testimonials that we’ve received from our clients and see why they prefer working with Nudorra Capital for the quality of service, availability of our staff and respect we provide our clients at all times.

We also provide short term loans, (anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months) on cases that have already settled and a person is just waiting for their cheque to arrive. Please call us for our special one-time “no interest” fee loans.

In most cases your funds will be direct deposited into your bank account.

Once your first loan is approved, you can re-apply at any time for an additional loan simply by calling our office.

We disclose all fees and rates up front so you know exactly where you stand and what your litigation loan will cost. There are no hidden fees or contingencies that could come as a surprise.

No. Our loans are based on your case, NOT your credit history, employment status, or value of your assets.

It is your money and you can use the money for whatever you need. We have no restrictions on what the money can be used for.

Yes. You must have a lawyer and an ongoing lawsuit to apply for a loan.

No. We do not provide loans for class action suits.

Normally, it is a minimum 6 months into a case before we can lend. This is normally the period of time your law firm needs to accumulate the type of documents we need to properly access a file. There are exemptions. Please contact us for further details.

Yes. The information you provide is strictly confidential. Our website is specially encrypted with “SSL Certificate” software to secure any and all information received. We are one of the few litigation loan companies approved by the (OTLA) Ontario Trial Lawyers Association. We also have a strict code of not sharing any information with third parties. For further information, please review our “Privacy Policy Page” found at the bottom of our website or contact our Privacy Officer at 1-877-342-9590.

Yes. You can certainly apply for another loan even if you already have a loan with another company. We just need to know the number of loans, the amounts outstanding and the name of the lenders.

Lawyers are usually prohibited by law or professional conduct codes from making loans to clients. It can be considered a conflict of interest.

No. Unfortunately we do not provide loans to people, if Workers Compensation is involved in your claim.

It takes only 24hrs to provide you with funds, from when we receive all the information from you and your lawyer, including any documentation that needs to be signed.

Yes. You have the right to change lawyers but you are obligated to advise us of this change and provide us with the information on who your new legal council is. If however you stop your proceedings and abandon your claim, the loan plus any accrued interest and fees will become due.

Staged loans are provided to clients on a monthly basis. (an amount each month, every month  for a pre-determined period of time) Whereas in a lump sum loan, the full amount of the loan is provided in one payment to a client. The advantage of a staged loan is, that a client can more easily budget themselves knowing, they are receiving a regular source of money every month, but most important, and the real advantage of a staged loan, is that it is a lot less expensive for a person because you are only paying interest on the money “when you receive it”, whereas in a lump sum amount, you are paying interest on the full amount, right away.

Most loans from other financial institutions or credit card cash advances, require minimum monthly repayments, as well as being permanently employed, having steady income and a good credit history. If the loan or cash advance is not paid back monthly or a payment is not made, it can have a serious effect on your credit history. Our loans are solely based on your case, not your credit history, employment status, or value of your assets. We do not ask for any interim payments or monthly payments. The loan is only paid back once your case settles and is paid back out of the proceeds of your settlement. If you wish to pay back your loan at any time prior to your case settling, you can, without penalty. Our loans are completely open ended.

No. Whatever your rate was at the beginning of the loan period, will be secure and remain for the full duration of the loan, even if interest rates increase over time.

No. If you have a structured settlement in place, we cannot provide you a loan in advance of receiving your funds. Structured Settlements are are non-assignable, non-commutable and non-transferable.

Our loans are available to all Canadians across Canada, except in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Quebec. (Unfortunately these two provinces by law, do not allow litigation funding).

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