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Settlement Loan Process

Stress Free Loan Application

You have enough to worry about. We believe getting a pre-settlement loan should be a fast, easy process that puts the money into your hands as quickly as possible.

Once we receive your loan application, we work with your lawyer to determine the type of legal funding that will help to serve your immediate financial needs.

Our experience in providing pre-settlement loans assures you that the process for obtaining a loan is easy for you to manage and helps to relieve the financial burden litigation can have on you and your family. We can usually provide you with a loan, upon approval, within 24 hours.

Regardless of your employment status or past credit history, you can be approved for the settlement funds you need immediately. We lend money solely based on the merits of your case and do not do credit checks or verify employment.

Our Settlement loans are paid back when your case settles and we get paid out of the proceeds of the settlement by your lawyer. There are no interim payments, upfront fees or monthly payments and most important, all our loans are completely open, so you can pay off a settlement loan at any time (even before your case settles) if you should so choose, without penalty too.

Types of Settlement Loan Cases

We provide loans for all types of Personal Injury and Family Law Litigation that will result in a negotiated settlement. This can include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Insurance Denial Claims
  • Slip/Trip and Fall Injuries
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Divorce Family Law
  • Other Personal Injury Claims – where you have a claim against a person and/or party and a settlement has not been reached.

We understand that you are in a tough situation right now with both a personal injury and litigation underway.

We also understand that during this difficult period, bills have a tendency of accumulating faster than ever before.

It is so important that your priorities go toward healing yourself, then worrying about whom to pay first. Our first priority is you, your health and getting you back to the things in life that you love doing most. We are here to help.

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